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Boobie flyer

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Summer special!!

The Heat is on so we are taking something off!


Buy one item at regular price and get all additional items

(of equal or lesser value)


20% off

Over 1000 Adult Novelty Items in store and hundreds more online

  • Sex Toys                                                       Games – Candy – Body Paint
  • Fetish  & Bondage                                          Magazines – Cards – Gift Bags - Books
  • Sex Swings - Blow Up Dolls                             Sexual enhancement supplements
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette party items               


Over 5000 DVD's available to purchase, rent or view at our store in a private booth

     New releases arrive weekly
     DVD Rentals are 3 days for $7.50 ($5.50 for Members)

       Becoming a Movie Club Rental Member is free and come with these benefits:

$2.00 discount on every rental

Every 6th rental is free

10% off all movie purchases

Every Wednesday you get 2 rentals for the price of 1


Our Arcade has Over 180 movies playing in Digital Format                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Movies changed weekly with the latest releases
  • 22 Booths with rope for privacy
  • 10 Booths with Magic windows that you can only see through when connecting booths are in use
  • Touch panel with FF/Rewind
  • Each booth has two color monitors
  • Handicap Booth Available